2d/3d Video Production Company in Dubai - Video Starting from 100$

Build an Engagement for your Business with the creative video animation from production the company that perfectly Visualize your Ideas.

Get 30secs Video starting from AED 350*

How to create explainer videos?

It's not a simple way to create explainer videos unless you have knowledge of animation, special focus and video editing skills. 

If You want to create explainer videos, follow below steps
  1. Prepare a script for the video
  2. Record the Voiceovers/narration  of the video
  3. Start explainer video production
  4. Add Music & Soundeffects to the video
  5. Analyze the production analysis for your explainer video.

What are the types of explainer videos
  • 2D Character Animation
  • Motion Graphics Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 2.5D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Live-Action
  • Live-Action with Track Elements
  • Stop Motion
  • Typography
  • Screencast

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